It always begins with a question.

What is the key to a good life? How do I feel about money and about work? What is a healthy and loving relationship? Where and what is my home? How can I build a close family? How can I be a good parent?

We all grapple with serious and tough issues. And we want a life of meaning. Discover how 3,000 years of Jewish wisdom and debate weigh in on these topics, hear what your contemporaries have to say, and add your voice to the tradition.

Grab some friends and start a group, or join an existing group in these discussions. Topics include money and business ethics, parenting, justice and power, family, home, beginnings, love and relationships, work, gender and sexuality and much more. Guided by dynamic and outstanding teachers, become part of a community and together gain a stronger understanding of what it can mean to be Jewish.

What would you do if you saw someone drowning in a river? Or witnessed someone being torn limb from limb by wild beasts? Or if you stumbled upon someone who was under attack by armed robbers? Judaism is clear in its answer; you intervene to save them. The Jewish sages use these cases as the springboard to teach that we always have an obligation to save a life.

Health insurance saves lives. That is why we have an obligation to try to reach every American who needs access to quality, affordable insurance, and to help each sign up through the new insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act.

Each and every one of us is fashioned in the image of God, and therefore every single life is infinitely valuable. And yet, as we all know, life—and disease—is unpredictable. Continue reading »

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